Management of hazardous waste produced by hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and testing centres is critical to halt the spread of diseases from infectious materials or toxic chemicals. Bio-hazardous waste, if disposed incorrectly, can pose high risks to both people and the environment.

It is of utmost importance to ensure a safe environment with proper medical waste disposal in hospitals to protect the health and safety of medical staff, visitors and patients. The general community should also be protected from exposure to discarded medical wastes like harmful medicine, contaminated equipment, and sharps objects like used needles.

Medical Innovations (MI), an I3X company has developed innovative technologies like mobile incinerators to dispose bio-medical waste in remote towns and villages. Our hygienic “transfer station” methodologies are very important step for Integrated Solid Waste Management (“ISWM”) and therefore a contributor to Swachh Bharat Mission (“Clean India Mission”). Medical Innovation is poised to contribute substantively to the National Bio-hazardous Waste Management by innovatively removing significant amount of contagious waste including covid swabs, test kits, blood tests, tissue samples and cadavers.  

Medical Innovation’s passionate and experienced team is a leading provider of transfer stations in Southern India and has won projects in partnership with globally renowned equipment manufacturers.

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