Airborne Catalyst

Humans are addicted to energy from fossil fuel. Developing nations, including India, do not have a choice but to depend on low cost energy from coal. But this energy comes at a huge environment cost. Coal burning generates greenhouse gases along with harmful pollution. Besides this, coal combustion depends on coal quality. Lower the quality, higher pollution and higher waste.  

Whilst we come up with total alternatives to fossil fuel, including coal, I3X has partnered with a specialized chemistry-based innovative company to greatly improve the combustion efficiency of coal in Power Plants, Cement Plants, Mining Equipment and other places where coal is used for thermal applications.

Airborne Catalyst (ABC), founded by a Canadian scientist and entrepreneur, optimizes combustion conditions to reduce coal consumption while reducing greenhouse gases and ash content. ABC material lowers the ignition and carbon burnout temperature of coal allowing efficient heat generation in boilers.   

ABC has decades of experience in improving coal combustion efficiency from 5 to 15%. ABC not only contributes in reducing pollution, greenhouse gases but also is accretive to our clients who get real bottom line impact by reducing total cost of ownership in generating heat from coal.   

AB Catalyst is efficient as – only 200 grams of catalyst is needed for every 1 ton of coal. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-hazardous.

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